Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 21 - Happy Thanksgiving, part 1.

Did you see the Christmas banner up there? 34 days until Christmas!!! Lord, I am in trouble! I had the day off today, as did my high schoolers. My 2 younger children did not, so it was a "free" day (translation: a day when Aaron did not want my attention every other minute). I did some housework and laid around most of the morning. In the afternoon Rachael and I delivered Joseph to the movie theater to meet his friends, then went out to eat at her favorite Mexican restaurant.

THEN, we went to Kohl's. There were a million people in there, and the big sales aren't until the day after! R. needed some new undergarments....luckily there weren't many ladies in THAT department. She got what she needed, plus a new belt, and I got two new tops. But I'm not sure if I like one....I may take it back. Anyway, I just couldn't believe the shoppers!

So, this evening has been uneventful. I played "Nick Cartoon Bingo" with Aaron and we forced Daniel to play along. Luckily, the fates were with us and Aaron legitimately won both times.

Tomorrow we will sleep in, go to church at 11, and then head up to my parents' house to be stuffed as full as the turkey. My mother will show no mercy for those of us on a diet. There will be real noodles, mashed potatoes with real butter, fantastic rolls, and any number of decadent desserts. We will watch movies on TV, play with my nephew Tyler (who is almost 2), and probably be forced into another game of "Nick Bingo" with Aaron and my 6 yr. old nephew Will.

I know I use this blog as a outlet for venting my frustrations and sorrows in life, but I am truly thankful for many things in my life. First and foremost, my children. They ARE my family, my life. I have a life away from them, but they are the driving forces behind our days and nights. I always wanted to be a mom. I had no idea how hard it would be, but I'm so glad I have them.

I am also very thankful for my parents. They have supported me 110% every day since I became a parent, and even more so when I got divorced. They have helped me raise my kids.

I am also thankful for my crowded but cozy house, my crowded but comfortable car, and my absolutely insane job.

I am also thankful for my friends. I have my school friends, my church friends, my boyfriends (well, up until recently that department was looking more like a swiftly revolving door, but you know what I mean), and my blog friends. I so look forward to reading about your lives, and reading your comments on my life. Sometimes it feels like YOU PEOPLE are the only friends I have. That really isnt' the case, but I know I can be completely myself here.

So, thank you.

And have a Happy Thanksgiving.



Brother Dave said...

J - I disagree that you are really yourself here. I think you are actually Makawee Pakuna.

Just sayin'.

Canadian flake said...

Hope you have a great weekend . Forget the diet for one day and eat whatever ya want...I am glad you have family to spend the day with and I look forward to hearing all about your day.


e.Craig said...

Happy Thanksgiving, J. I plan to cheat like hell on my diet tomorrow.
"Grandpa, you've lost weight!" exclaimed granddaughter Kelsie when she got a good look at me tonight. She's the first person who noticed. It's interesting that the people who are around us every day don't see that as quickly.
So ... "pig out" tomorrow. You've earned it.

Jay said...

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!!

Hale McKay said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving ... and don't eat too much ... that is to say, unless you want to.

captain corky said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. :)

RWA said...

That is a bit strange about Kohl's being so crowded the night BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy all of that delicious stuff your Mom made!!!

Avitable said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Palm Springs Savant said...

J- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Hope you and the kids have a great day

HoosierGirl5 said...

Brother Dave - You are something else. What, I don't know....(ha, ha)

Canadian Flake - Happy Turkey Day to you, too, even though it isn't Thanksgiving in Canada. I will eat some turkey and dressing for you!

E.Craig - You ARE looking good, Grandpa! Perceptive child, that Kelsie! Enjoy yourself! XO

Jay - Happy Turkey Day, turkey! Now please come home! We miss you!

Hale - Thanks for stopping by. I've missed you! Don't worry, I'm sure I WILL eat too much! Help!

Corky - You too, sexy! Hope you all feel better soon.

RWA - I swear, either they were all scouting the store before the sale, or they knew some secret I didn't know about stashing the good stuff somewhere until the Friday sales. I couldn't tell. It was madness, I tell you! And don't worry, I rarely have any resistance when it comes to my parents' cooking. I have already surrendered!

Avitable - You came by! I am honored! Happy Thanksgiving Day to you, too!

Rick - Have a good day! I'm sure all your cooking will be terrific! XO


eatmisery said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly Malloy said...

Christmas shoppers are crazy! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

A Little Revolution said...

Happy Thanksgiving. We went to Kohl's early this morning.