Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 19 - What's Your Pilgrim Name?

Lordy, Lordy....what a Monday! My body is sore and bruised, my mind is mush! This is as deep as I can get tonight:

Your Pilgrim Name Is

Remember Moore

"Remember Moore"? That's what they got from "Hoosier Girl"? I just don't see it. Although I like the name "Remember". I like the name "Patience", too. If only I had more of it! (sigh)
Have a good Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Can I just name myself something like Brock Manhood?

Fleur de Lisa said...

My name was Patience Mullins. I could use some of that Patience today myself. Good Lord, what a Tuesday!

Hope your week has gotten better.

Canadian flake said...

okkkkkk I am convinced I was a pilgrim in a former life so I did this...mine is Patience Winslow...

the only part that is accurate is the "slow" part..lmao

eatmisery said...

Mine was Humility Priest. WTF?

HoosierGirl5 said...

Birdman - I don't think "Brock" is a Pilgrim name....but the "Manhood" part fits. (wink)

Lisa - It's been one of those days for me, too. It's gotta get better.

C.Flake - You got a better name than I did! Don't feel bad, I'm slow too....

E.M. - Humility Priest? You're right. That's a weird one.


Sayre said...

Pleased to meet you, Remember. My name is Constance Billington. (What?)