Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 11 - Sunday Seven

Happy Sunday everyone! I am getting this one in just under the wire. It has been a GREAT weekend! My 2 youngest went to Indianapolis with their dad, and my teenagers were busy all weekend, so I had all kinds of time to myself. Friday was uneventful, but I spent all day yesterday with a new friend. We went out to lunch, we went shopping (he bought me 2 collections of Christmas DVD movies from Sam's Club!), and we even took a nap together. And before your minds head straight to the gutter, it was not THAT kind of a nap. He drives a truck for a living, so we were sitting on his bunk in the back of the cab, talking, and the next thing I know we're laying down, I'm getting a terrific backrub, and we fell asleep! It was VERY relaxing. We also went out to dinner at Olive Garden, which is one of my favorite restaurants. All in all, a really good weekend. More about him later.....(smile)

For my Sunday post, I found a "Sunday Seven" meme that asks you to list 7 things you're thankful for. So here's my list. After #'s 1 and 2, these are not necessarily in order of importance:

  1. My children.

  2. My parents.

  3. My job.

  4. My cell phone.

  5. My computer (s).

  6. My friends - old, new, and Internet.

  7. My life.

Have a peaceful Monday.



Brother Dave said...

I am waiting to exhale while this new relationship with the trucker develops. I just hope he turns out good.

I am right with you on the thankful list. My first item is my wife, second is our children, and next our grandchildren.

I could drop my cell phone off the list because it is more a necessary nuisance for me, if you know what I mean.

RWA said...

What? You got in the back of his truck so soon?

My, my, my...

Just kidding. Sounds like y'all had fun. Hope everything goes well.

Canadian flake said...

hee hee can't wait to hear more about the trucker...nothing like a good back rub to relax ya...or to getcha going...roflmao.

Glad you had a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love Olive Garden too!

I'm glad you have someone to hang with in my absence ;)

e.Craig said...

Those look like good thing to be thankful for. Now ... where's your Monday post? ;-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Brother Dave - Me too, on the "exhaling" part. One day at a time. I couldn't live without my cell phone, though.

RWA - This was not our first "date". Just the first time I chose to tell you about it. (smug smile)

Canadian Flake - You're right about the backrub. It could have easily "got me going" but I chose not to. Don't want to "go" there too soon.

Birdman - No one can take your place in my heart. (batting eyes)

Craig - Like most of my life, I am running behind.