Monday, October 29, 2007

Shopping with a French teenager.....

One thing I can tell you: a teenager is a teenager no matter what language she speaks! Lea has been warming up to our family each day she is here. Yesterday the boys introduced her to Nintendo Wii! She loves it.

Also yesterday we took her to Louisville to Fourth Street Live, a downtown outdoor mall and entertainment area. She looked at everything! She ended up with a sweatshirt from Hard Rock Cafe. This evening Rachael and I took her grocery shopping at Kroger. That was a trip!

I figured it would be easy: I would take her to the store and she would pick out what she likes. Not so. We finally ended up with bananas, bottled water, pretzels, Pringles, Poptarts, Cream of Wheat, and iced tea! She was a very careful shopper. But her English is getting better. Or maybe she's just more confident to try to put words together.


School today sucked. One of my students went off ALL. DAMN. DAY. If it wasn't unprofessional of me to say it, I would say I would like to wring her little neck. Talk about spoiled. And yes, she has emotional and behavior issues, but frankly she's also a spoiled brat little girl.


I am tired. I have been going non-stop for days, and I stayed up late last night talking to a friend on the computer. Then I talked to another friend on the phone! Tonight I have got to get some sleep!
Hope your Monday was better than mine.
Have a great week, all!

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Brother Dave said...

Your French student seems to be adjusting well. How neat.

Yes, some kids' problems stem from lack of solid parenting. Maybe wring the parents' necks while you are at it.

Time for a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams.

Sayre said...

I hope you got some sleep... It'll help.

I find the grocery shopping the thing that is really different between cultures. When I went shopping in England, it was a totally different experience than shopping here.

Just Dave said...

Most Europeans have their minds slightly blown by out supermarkets. The sheer variety of goods is something many of them have never seen. We take it for granted, of course.

Reread this comment at bedtime: you are getting sleeeepy, you eyelids are getting heaaaavy, sleeep, sleeeep.

RWA said...

The Hard Rock Cafe and Kroger. I am glad to see that you are introducing her to all aspects of American life.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Dang kids anyway, huh?

e.Craig said...

Having a foreign student for a few days would give me a good excuse to visit the new SUPER KROGER just north of town in Englewood.
Then, another special treat would be the handful of restaurants that I consider to provide great food and service, but are local establishments that would never show up "on the radar" nationally.
But .. I would include two franchise operations: Sonic, in Middletown for a scrumptious "fast food" burger, and Skyline Chili, locally, because I think spaghetti topped with "Cincinnati style" chili is a real treat. Now I'm hungry. ;-)

Canadian flake said...

hope the rest of your week went better...gotta love having to deal with someone else's spoiled brat eh? LOL