Saturday, August 18, 2007

To a man I will always love.....

I heard this song on the radio today, and it made me cry. It was just about 5 years today that I met the first man to ever love me after my divorce.

To the man who:

  • was the first to discover a freckle on my right ear, and kiss it.
  • made me breakfast in bed.
  • left flowers in my car.
  • made me watch all the "Rambo" movies with him.
  • taught me to love coffee.
  • was the first to call me "babydoll", and make it sound sweet, not hokey.
  • made me feel sexy.
  • laughed at me when I tried to smoke my first (and only) cigarette, and choked!
  • taught me to drive a tractor.
  • rode me through a mud puddle on a four-wheeler and drenched us both.
  • made me homemade oatmeal with brown sugar.
  • kissed my nose just to make me laugh.
  • chased me around in the dark on a windy October night, just to be silly.
  • laughed when I thought a bull bellowing on a nearby farm was a bear!
  • sat with me all day at the hospital when I had my tubes tied, and worried when I had trouble with the anesthesia.
  • was the first to my side when I had my car accident, and held my hand while I got stitches.
  • proposed to me on a hill filled with pine trees, with tears in his eyes.
  • cried at our wedding when we said our vows.
  • cried the day I moved back home, and held me all night the night before, while I cried.
  • loved me enough to let me go, even though I didn't want to.
  • sang this song to me, the first morning I woke up in his bed.

To my ex-husband, Larry, who will be 58 on Monday.

I will always love you.

Happy Birthday!


The song we danced to at our wedding. The song that was "our song".
"When You Say Nothing at All" by Allison Krauss.


Fleur de Lisa said...

You have a lot of wonderful memories here. I can tell he was very special.

e.Craig said...

Sounds like he was a "keeper," J.
Alison Krauss is is one of my favorites, along with that song.

Canadian flake said...

I am new to your blog so don't know much about the story of your ex(of whether or not you have ever even shared it). For a minute there, I thought maybe you had been widowed. You are very lucky to have an ex you still love. I pray daily that my ex will fall into a bit pit or get eaten by a big Sad but true just the same.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Flake- that is funny. But J- hang in there. Remember the words of Abraham Lincoln (I paraphrase) "Most people are about has happy as they make up their mid to be"

RWA said...

Wow, thanks for sharing, J. I have to agree with e.craig too. Alison Krauss is one of my favorites.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Lisa - He is a special guy, but he had his flaws too. The man didn't own a book (can you imagine me married to a guy who didn't like to read?) and when he got mad, he went out to his garage and banged things around for awhile.

Craig - Unfortunately he wasn't a "keeper". Even he and I were good together, we were nothing alike and our lives did not mesh well at all. We were much better apart.

Canadian Flake - The short version is, I was married for 14 years, to the father of my kids. Very rough divorce, totally changed my life. Married Larry on the rebound. Lasted only a year. We parted friends. I tell people I have two ex-husbands, one I like and one I don't. I wish my first husband would drive off a bridge into the Ohio River. Truly.

Palm Springs - I'm doing okay. I was just feeling sentimental because I heard "Good Morning Beautiful" on the radio. After I found it on YouTube, I HAD to look for Allison Krauss.

RWA - I have been known to get mushy sometimes. You'll never see a post like that about the kids' dad.:)