Monday, August 13, 2007

Not Good.

It was not a good day. I am very tired and discouraged. It is essential that the first day, and the first week, be very strong and positive, and this day was neither. I tried so hard, and it was awful.

I really hate my job, and I feel like crying.

If you know any millionaires who would like to marry me, please send them my way so I can quit.

I just wish I had someone who loved me, so I could cry on his shoulder and he would tell me that everything will be alright.

Okay, pity party over.



Lynn-Ashton and John's mom said...

Oh, J., I am so sorry!

{cyber hug}

Tomorrow will be better, I know it!!

Diesel said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and I feel so bad I can't do anything for you. Just remember that tomorrow is another day, and try to stay positive. Things will get better. I'll say a prayer for you. It may take a while, but eventually everything will be alright.

C.Jane said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day, but take really can get better from here! (((Hugs)))

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. If I run across any stray millionaires I'll send them your way. ;-)

e.Craig said...

I think a good night's sleep will relieve the crushing discouragement. I can't even imagine having a job I hated. I hope your millionaire shows up soon. Really.

SilverWillow said...

My favorite things to help ease my frustrations; a hot bubble bath, vanilla candles, Ben & Jerry's...and watching "Mr. Wrong" with Ellen. My favorite tag line..."He loved her from afar. It wasn't far enough."

Makes me glad I'm single every time!

Remember to treat yourself and find moments that you can indulge in even the simple things...just for yourself. It really helps.

I hope tomorrow is wonderful day for you!


Brother Dave said...

J - It can only get better.

And it shall.

You are likely at a mental and physical low, and are now on the upswing in a normal cycle.

We would not appreciate the good days quite as much were it not for the other kind now and then.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Thanks everybody. I feel a little better this morning. I will let you know how it goes today.


Fleur de Lisa said...

I'm so sorry that you had a rotten day. Just about every job brings you days like those and it must be so hard to get back in the swing of things after being off. Hang in there! Find little ways to de-stress and pamper yourself. I'd suggest a walk but I know it's hotter than Hades.

Hope today is better. :-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

It's lunch time on Day 2 and today has been better.


Tense Teacher said...

Hang in there, girlfriend; it will get better.

David said...

I hope it all works out. You can always quit and come work with me. One of our SPED teachers just quit and we need a new one.

eatmisery said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that it didn't go well!!

I would give you a hug if I was there.


Mimi said...

I hope day 3 went better!!

This probably won't make you feel any better but...I have to go back after Labor Day and am counting the precious days I have left. So, instead of planning, I'm blogging and loved your posts!!