Thursday, August 02, 2007

My, how things have changed......

I wrote awhile back about the diet changes necessary for my problems with acid reflux. The very next week, Aaron and I went to an appointment with a nutritionist, based on our doctor's appointment with reference to his weight. My dietary restrictions, in combination with the nutritionist's recommendations, have resulted in some major changes in what we eat and don't eat around here:

Gone are the sugary cereals and Toaster strudels. Breakfast consists of whole grain waffles, oatmeal, or healthy cereals, such as Life, Raisin Bran, and Cheerios. I am keeping lots of fruit on hand, as well as yogurt. For me, I am having my cereal with Light Soy milk, since I'm trying to limit my dairy. Bagels and low-fat cream cheese are also around, and on weekends, eggs and toast.

No more fast food lunches and no more Hot Pockets. Summer lunches are sandwiches made from turkey breast, ham, or the ever-popular (with Aaron) peanut butter and jelly (low-sugar peanut butter, and low-cal fruit spread). We have had baked french fries, or celery sticks, or carrots and dip (low cal ranch dressing). Drink choices are water, skim milk, or diet decaffienated ice tea. For me, it's just water. Soft drinks have been banned from the house, and the teens seem to be giving them up willingly. (They can have them outside the house, away from Aaron)

Again, no more fast food or delivery pizza. No more fried anything. We've tried a lot of baked fish and baked chicken. Last night was baked chicken tenders with a bread crumb coating, with your choice of dipping sauces, with fresh salad (no tomatos for me) and baked Lays potato chips. Tonight was whole wheat pasta with light spaghetti sauce and turkey meatballs, salad and bread. For me, no spaghetti sauce but pesto sauce, which was terrific. We've had lots of green vegies for side dishes, like peas, snap beans, green beans, and broccoli.

Aaron's nutritionist said he was not to feel hungry. He can have 2 snacks a day, but healthy ones. We have celery and peanut butter, carrots and dip, all types of fruit, and nonfat fudge bars. He can only have one "sweet" snack a day, like a fudge bar or an oatmeal cream pie. He has done very well in waiting for his snack and sticking to the "one a day" rule. I haven't been having snacks, but when I do, it's fruit or an oatmeal raisin cookie.

I know we are doing so much better. Aaron seems to have taken to the changes very well. He doesn't even ask for soft drinks or fast food any more. I miss Diet Coke, coffee, and chocolate. I miss having something to sip in the morning besides soy milk. Hot tea just doesn't do it for me. I am going to try decaff coffee as soon as the doctor gives me the okay.

That's all for now. So far things are going smoothly in most areas. I'm feeling better about "back to school".
Have a great Friday all.


Jay said...

You guys are off to a great start. I find it pretty easy not to do fast food cause most of it tastes sooooo bad.

What's funny though is that fruits and veggies are really tasty, but for some reason so hard to commit to eating.

e.Craig said...

GOOD FOR YOU, J !   It's quite admirable what you are doing for your kids and yourself. And you are setting the example.

I know you miss your morning coffee, but I'll bet it won't be long before you can drink the 'real' stuff in moderation. I just had my second cup of the day, but late night coffee consumption does not interfere with my sleep. And a 6 oz cuppa is often enough.

And, to celebrate your success, Mush & Joe Virtual Cafe is going to offer a special 'snack' in your name (sorta). Hope to have it posted there soon.

Yorksdevil said...

"Hot tea just doesn't do it for me." - This made my jaw drop open.

Canadian flake said...

WTG and good for you. My family has been going through the same sorta thing because my hubby has high blood pressure and recently was diagnosed with high tri-glicerides...and I was diagnosed last Nov with type 2 diabetes. We have made a lot of changes but still have a ways to go. Hang in there and keep up the good work!!!

Brother Dave said...

J - If Aaron likes peanut butter, the natural (Laura Scudders and Smuckers offers it) kind has no sweeteners or hydrogenated oil added.

We get the nutty, with tiny chunks of peanuts. The smooth variety is also available in natural brands. When purchased, the oil has separated, and the contents need stirring/mixing. We use a flatware knife.

Natural, obviously, is the healthier choice. Skippy is bad.

RWA said...

I have to agree with e.craig. That is great to hear, and I'm glad that the kids are buying into it too.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Jay - You are so right. I have been surprised by how sweet cantalope and melon tastes, now that I've given up chocolate. It's so good!!

E. Craig - Thanks. I can't wait to see what's over at Mush and Joe's.

York - Sorry, buddy. But my kids like hot tea. Does that help?

Canadian flake - Thanks for stopping by again. We're trying. The real test will be when we all get back to school and get busy. Can we maintain it?

Dave - I will look for it. He has made the change to low-sugar p.b. very easily.

RWA - The older kids have been concerned about Aaron's weight for quite some time, so they were only too happy to help. And they CAN have fast food and soft drinks when they are out with friends. They just can't bring it home or mention it.


captain corky said...

Keep up the good work. It's very impressive.

e.Craig said...

Both the Kroger & Meijer grocery stores hereabouts have the natural peanut butter. It's the only kind I buy. That initial mixing of the separated peanut oil is a pain in the arse, but the result is well worth it. Even my "junk-food-junkie" son-in-law learned to like it when he lived here. And, by the time you add the jelly to the sandwich, you'll never miss the absence of the sweetener in the PB.

Aside from the increased physical activity this spring & summer, I have tried to correct most of my dietary 'sins', and have lost 15 pounds so far this year.

Considering my dietary knowledge, one would think that I would never allow myself to get 30 pounds overweight. But, that's what can happen when knowledge surpasses the use of common sense. And, the interesting thing about it all is so many good meals are easy and quick to put together, and far less expensive than going the fast food route.

heels said...

I agree with the peanut butter suggestions. I LOVE my "natural" peanut butter, which only has roasted peanuts as the ingredient. I get the Adams brand, but I've tried others that are also good. I can't eat peanut butter with sugar anymore without gagging. Seriously.

Almond butter can be yummy too, though it's... different. It can also be hard to find in some places.

e.Craig said...

I love almond butter, too. I buy mine at Trader Joe's. It's a tad pricey compared to peanut butter, but money well spent, imo.

Palm Springs Savant said...

good good good. Try Organic milk next!