Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Insert Clever Title Here

Hello all....Sorry I haven't had time for a real post in a few days. Busy, busy, as always.

Football started last night with the "Jamboree", where each quarter two different teams compete. Daniel's team played the 1st quarter against one team, and the third quarter against another team. It was so hot and humid, but it was GREAT!!! I totally love watching him play football! Since it's a 7th and 8th grade team, Daniel had warned me that he might not get to play, because they usually start the 8th graders, but he got in for several plays on offense AND defense. AND he got to play fullback on offense!!

His best play of the evening came on defense. The ball carrier for the opposing team was making a break for the goal line and was managing to dodge everyone. Daniel chased him down and tackled him!!! I'm telling you, there is no better sport than one your kid is playing in!!!! I love football!!!

School is going okay. My students had an excellent Monday, which of course meant they had a horrible Tuesday. But all in all, it's tolerable. I'm starting to think my boss is a complete nutbar, but that's another story. There's a new single man teacher in the building part time, teaching Humanities. He and I are hitting it off. I can't tell if he's unattached or not. At least it's fun to have someone to joke with.

The kids are all doing pretty well. Joseph is finally done with "Footloose" so now he's just working and going to school. He did get a good part in the fall show, "MidSummer Night's Dream". He's Oberon, the King of the Fairies. After the football game last night I made a mad dash over to the school's Open House. Daniel is doing well, but Aaron is having some attention issues. (sigh) Rachael's band performed again this weekend and it was awesome. I have got to get a video camera!!!

Personal space - Why is it every time I go into a public place lately, the people near me have no concept of personal space? I was standing in line at the credit union Saturday and this little old lady would not back up. I couldn't get away from her. My assistant at school seems to be having the same problem. She seems to think that I want her with me every minute of every day and that we must leave school together. Sometimes I just want to be alone in my room to think!! She also seems to think that I want her to talk to me non-stop.

Friday is payday, thank God, and the first pay with my new raise on it. I can't wait to see if it makes a difference. Please God, pray that it does!!! Saturday I'm taking the kids to the Kentucky State Fair, and Rachael's band is performing in one of the live music tents.

Blogs - I was given the "Nice Matters" award by Tense Teacher, and I was tagged for a teaching meme by Mimi, so I promise to get both of those posts up very soon. I haven't forgotten, Mimi, I promise. In the mean time, you all had better be nice to me (E.Craig and RWA) if you want to get a "Nice Matters" award from me. Except Jay. He doesn't get any awards anymore.

That's about it for now.
Have an interesting "hump day" everyone. (grin)


captain corky said...

I love football two. 15 Days or so until the regular pro season starts!!!

Have a great Wednesday.

RWA said...

Outstanding!!! Another person convinced of the outstanding values of football.

e.Craig said...

I don't think I could teach school and stay sane. I don't even think I could "ride herd" on 4 active kids day after day. Not nowadays.
And, it surely looks like you're "back in the saddle." Have a great Hump Day, and school year, too.

Jeff said...

You should do my NEWSFLASH. It helps keep things caught up on the blog and it is similar to what you just did. OR, you can just do that. LOL

sunShine said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. Hope your raise makes a BIG difference!

Jay said...

See, football is great!

College season starts in 8 days! Then the NFL a week later.

Pretty soon you'll be spending your Sundays just lying around on the couch with a bunch of empty beer cans lying on the floor around you while you watch 10 hours of NFL action! ;-)

Canadian flake said...

Glad to hear work/school are going well. Sounds like you got a busy household there. Hang in there...the weekend will be here soon

HoosierGirl5 said...

Corky - The best football is the one MY son is playing!! :)

RWA - My ex-husband would probably choke if he read this. I used to hate football when we were married.
Too bad. His loss.

E.Craig - Who said I was sane?

Jeff - You know I want to be just like you. We're already practically twins!

Sunshine - Oh baby, me too. It would be a nice surprise.

Jay - Beer? Ick. Laying around all day Sunday? Not unless I marry a man who runs a taxi service. But I do like to watch football. See the comment to Corky.

Canadian Flake - A busy household? Me? Hah!!!


Brother Dave said...

J - Our cost of living raises do not seem to make the difference that I would like to see.

You classroom assistant sounds like an extremely lonely person. That might be partly why she works.

Looks like your life is full and rewarding.

Mimi said...

Why is it that a good day with the kids is always followed by a day when they stink? It's like clockwork!! I'm glad it happens to other teachers in other places.

I had a student teacher last year and although she was lovely, we had to set some personal boundaries so I didn't poke myself in the eye!!

Tricia said...

You are soooooo busy - you make me feel like i'm not doing enough!! ;)

Palm Springs Savant said...

glad to hear you are warming up to football! Its a fun sport, especially for you to watch your kids.

I am in total agreement about the personal space thing. Goodd rant. Drives me CRAZY