Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Won! I Won!

One of my very favorite bloggers, Jay, over at Cynical Bastard, has given me an award, the Creative Blogger Award. I was really tickled about what he said:

Hoosiergirl is one of those people that is pretty much the opposite of me. She has the patience to work with special needs kids, has four kids of her own that she brags about constantly and keeps a positive attitude about all of it. I’d run away after one day of this. But, not Hoosiergirl, she loves this. And it shows in her blogging. Her life revolves around her little can-do-no-wrongs and the result of that is four kids who clearly are well adjusted, hard working and creative. Just like their mother.

What a sweetie!!! Thank you, Jay. You are one of the most creative bloggers I know, and you make me laugh every time I read you. Of course, I will be forced to correct the misconception that I think my children can "do no wrong". Au contraire. Stayed tuned for THAT post at a later date. (wicked laugh)

So, now the fun AND hard part is, I'm supposed to hand out five of these myself:

1. Tense Teacher- Tense is a fun high school English teacher with a hilarious geeky husband and an adorable little girl. She IS the "meme queen", but she also shares a lot of herself as she works very hard to be the best teacher she can be. I love reading her stuff, and stealing her memes! Right now (Saturday) she is participating in a blogathon for The Smile Train. Go check it out!

2. Rick Rockhill of Palms Springs Savant - This is a guy I just started reading who lives in California. His blog is full of all kinds of interesting things. I love his "Saturday Seven". And he travels all over the place and takes great pictures of where he goes. He also has an oracle fish, "Dr. Sidney Wang", who is hilarious.

3. E. Craig of E.Craig's Ethereal Blog - What can I say about E.Craig? This man is something else, not to mention a little silly. He video-blogs, he is multi-talented, and he loves his children and grandchildren very much. Not to mention he is a coffee connoiseur. This is the guy who got me into freshly roasted coffee beans and grinding my own coffee! There is rarely a dull moment with him.

4. J. David of David's Dabbles - I haven't been reading this one that long, but there is always something interesting to read here. David is a "lifelong learner" and he knows a lot about a lot of things. Not surprisingly, he is E.Craig's twin brother! His posts are fervent and thought-provoking, AND he is a very good listener! (smile)

5. SayreSmiles - This is the blog of a multi-talented woman, who is a wife and mother (to Z-boy, who looks somewhat like my Aaron). I find her blog very comforting, like paying a visit to an old friend. Her blog is very well written and diverse, and she writes from the heart. Pay her a visit - you'll be coming back for more.

Now each of you has to pass this award along.
Have fun!



Palm Springs Savant said...

WOW J- I am flattered, its actually my FIRST award since I started blogging last December. Thanks for your very kind words. I am honored to be recognized among such distinguished fellow bloggers!

Thanks again

Tense Teacher said...

Thanks for the honor, hon! Don't know if I'll get into it tonight, but I will tackle this one soon.

And thanks for pimpin' for me, too.

Sayre said...

Thank you, Hoosier Girl! I needed a little lift today. I've been working hard on my house and of course the first thing that happened when the guys got back is MESS! I was NOT happy. But I'm feeling better now...

e.Craig said...

I'm only a LITTLE silly? Well, alrighty then. Nevertheless, thank you for your kind words, and for the award of course. Of the few blogs I read, I'll try to come up with five who haven't already received it.

Again, "Thank You", J.

Brother Dave said...

J - Thank you for your thoughtful award. I see that I have fooled you into believing that I know a lot about a lot of things.

Now if I could only get my wife to see it that way. ;-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

You're welcome, guys and gals. I love you all!!


RWA said...

J, I haven't read some of the others, but I would say that e.craig and brother dave are well deserving of the honor.

Congratulations on your award too!

Dan said...

Congratulations Hoosiergirl and thanks for visiting my blog.

e.Craig said...

I do enjoy your blog, and your award is well earned. But, i get out of breath trying to keep up with your daily routine.   ;-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Craig - Me, too!