Saturday, June 09, 2007

And the hits just keep on comin'......

I was checking my stat counter this morning and I was amazed. I am STILL getting hits from the post about the season finale of "NUMB3RS"! That is too cool. Last night's episode was great, by the way. It was a repeat, and clearly came before the finale because Colby was still there, but I hadn't seen it. They are sending Larry (Peter MacNichol) off into space for 6 months, as a scientist on the space shuttle! I guess this was a good way to give him some time off from the show. Oh well. I heard he and Megan won't be an item when and if he comes back. (sigh)

But back to the stats, now I am getting hits for GOOGLE searches for "Five For Fighting". That's kind of neat. And of course (Jay) there is almost always one or two hits for Rascal Flatts!! (grin)

Interesting locations of late include: Vermont, Wisconsin, British Columbia Vancouver Canada, BULGARIA, Nebraska, MEXICO, Nova Scotia, SINGAPORE, KOREA, and my favorite, Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw, Canada. What a cool place to live -"Moose Jaw" Canada! If you come back, who are you? And all of the above are just since June 5th!

I've been getting a lot of hits from New York. I only know one person in New York and I haven't talked to him in a long time. So who are all you other New Yorkers?
There's Pt. Chester, New York. One from Bronx, New York, who made 7 returning visits. Someone from New York, New York who comes by frequently - maybe is a broker of some kind? And someone from Seaford, New York, who comes by a lot. I would love to know who you all are, just for curiosity's sake.

Finally, someone from Louisville, Kentucky, googled "HoosierGirl" which is kind of unusual. Very few people know that's my handle, and the ones who do have already been here. Oh well, welcome whoever you are!

Have a great Saturday, all. I'm off to take Joseph to Terre Haute, Indiana to Indiana State University for a week for Hoosier Boys' State. More on that later.



Fleur de Lisa said...

I've given up trying to figure out my stats. There's some really weird stuff there! ;-)

e.Craig said...

It is amazing to see where our hits are coming from around the world, J. I think my tomorrow's post is on that very same subject. Have a GREAT weekend! :-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Lisa - I totally agree, but I love to look at them anyway!

Craig - Great minds think alike! (grin)


Kentucky Girl said... should see my strange search hits. :D Weirdos. The whole lot of them.

Brother Dave said...

Where do you check your status to see where hits are coming from?

captain corky said...

The Birdman lives in New York. That could be one of them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

RWA said...

You're becoming world famous. I am impressed!

Elizabeth :) said...

Hi! Nebraska here! Just coasted in off someone else's blog and surf back thru every so often to see what new thing you've got. I like to read meme's but haven't been tagged so feel sort of lame to just steal one. I enjoy reading your life so thanx for sharing. Good luck with Sam. :)