Saturday, May 26, 2007

Movie Meme answers

My movie meme didn't go over as well as I hoped, but 7 out of 10 movies were guessed. The only ones that weren't were: #4 - While You Were Sleeping (Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman), #7 - Holiday Inn, and #8 - CARS. The best guessers were RWA, Finding Heart, and Dazd. I posted all the other answers on the meme.

It was fun anyway!

Anyone going to see the new "Pirates" this weekend?



Fleur de Lisa said...

Oh, I'm getting ready to do that now!I've been so far behind this week. I couldn't guess any of movie though. LOL
By the way, I tagged you for a favorite restaurant meme, when you get the time.

Brother Dave said...

Hey, J. Sorry about not participating in your meme.

I have been super-busy with stuff around home. In addition, I am changing my school program, and want to ensure my choices support future direction for career change.

Most people my age are planning retirement. Not me. I have been researching new, exciting directions.

HoosierGirl5 said...

That's okay, Dave. Even though I had fun picking out movies, I am terrible at guessing. What exciting new directions are you going to now?

Lisa -
I will get to your restaurant meme this weekend. It looks like fun.

Brother Dave said...

J, I have stopped pursuing my Bachelors Program in Business Science.

Information that I have researched for the Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree indicates that my Associate of Arts in Business, and some of my other undergraduate business science courses, are strongly foundational.

These not only apply to my academic pursuits, but to various career opportunities in psychology.

So here I go… I shall be speaking with a counselor about it next week. I have been on a sixty-day break from school.

Kentucky Girl said...

Yeah, I've been busy with home things, too. I totally would have participated...but I still wouldn't have gotten those because I don't think I've seen any of them. :D

Jay said...

I couldn't even begin to guess those movies. It was too time consuming for me. I'm really busy .. uh .. yeah, no I'm not. Uh, I'm distracted easily. Yeah, that's it. haha

I'm not a huge movie guy. I don't know if I could come up with my 10 favorite. I guess I could if I REALLY tried.

Jay said...

Oh and since you have requested it, I have posted again. Just because you asked. Cause I'm all nice and thoughtful like that. ;-)

RWA said...

I won't be going to see the new "Pirates." Primarily because I haven't seen the first two, but everything I've seen as far as reviews weren't too good.

Enjoyed the movie meme, by the way.