Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Want a BusyBody Book!

Amy is going to be a contributor to Chicago Moms Blog. She's a great mom and writer, and this looks like a great site. I have hardly had a chance to explore! I linked there to check it out and found THIS: an organizer give-a-way. I can't resist.

So I am to post about why I am so disorganized - well, my house is smaller than my kids, they all have different schedules, and my job keeps me hopping. How's that?

If I win I get a BusyBody book. They look great!

I'll let you know!

UPDATE: I won! I won! I get a free organizer!
Now, where's the contest for the free maid?


Jay said...

That busy body book looks realy cool.

e.Craig said...

I think you could write an awesome post. You must have the stamina of a bull, J. Might have been a time I could juggle like that, not any more. :-)

RWA said...

Well done. Good luck finding the contest for a maid!

eatmisery said...

Congrats! That's so cool! And thanks for mentioning me.