Monday, May 28, 2007

Hoosier Girl Needs a Ticket to Ride (Among Other Things).....

What do YOU need?

I got this one from Jay. It’s another Google Game. You go to and type in your name and the word needs in quotation marks. Like “HoosierGirl needs”. Then you scroll through all the search results and take some of the fun “HoosierGirl needs” (or whatever YOUR name is) lines. Here’s some of the ones I got:

Hoosier Girl needs:

.... deliverance from lust, unforgiveness and the mental attacks. (deliverance from lust? really?) excuse herself from the table and leave through the nearest exit. (Okayeeee.....why?)

....a ticket to ride. (Whoo boy, that sounds like fun. Ride where? Let's go!)

.... a therapist much more than she needs a coach. (How does Google know so much? This is scary!)
.... support (of course.)

....some fun! (hell yes!)

....a MAN!!! (I'm not too sure about this one. Maybe. We'll see.)

....A DOG (I like dogs, but I have 4 kids and 3 cats. I do NOT need another living person in this house. Or a non-living one, for that matter.) "let it go." (This is probably true.)

.... to steer clear of that wardrobe rack on the TLW. (not a problem) remember that she is strong and smart. (the best one of all)

Hope everyone had a great Monday.

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Jay said...

Those were cool. "Deliverance from lust" .. Oh I don't know about that one. LOL