Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend Words

This week's words were pleasure and pain. Since Odd Mix said to keep it clean, I have created 2 versions of these words. The "G" version is first, then the "R" version.

Pleasure: I take great pleasure in spending Easter with my nephews. Their pleasure shows on their faces!

Pain: Aaron is pretending to inflict pain on himself! Silly kid! I won't even tell you all the goofy things he and his brothers do with those "Whack-A-Mole" mallets, include attempting to play "plastic-Easter-egg-baseball" with them!


Okay, now the adult version:
It would be a pleasure to have some attention from someone like this, with such a fine backside! It is a pleasure just to look at it!
It is pain that I do not have such attention at this time!
That's all for this week's words.
Happy Monday, all!


Jay said...

hahahaha ... Aaron's t-shirt says "Trust me I do this all the time" while he's hammering his hand. That's too funny!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Jay -
I didn't even see that! That's my boy.

No comment on the half-naked man? I'm surprised. (grin)


RWA said...

I wonder if they make those T-shirts in adult sizes?

I have no comment on the naked man picture.

HoosierGirl5 said...


They do! That is actually an adult small men's shirt that shrunk in the wash. I got it in the men's department at Target!

I don't know why you guys don't like the naked man picture. Where are all my female readers?!


Fleur de Lisa said...

No comment from me on the half-naked guy either! ha ha!

The Whack-a-mole hammer, I can only begin to guess what happens with that. Boys are crazy!

susan said...

Well *I* like your man! he wearing socks and a hat or what? He looks all naked to me!

Sayre said...

Ahem - I'm glad to see how well you have picked up the English language. Your command of it should make it a little easier to pick up an American male. Make sure you use that first p-word a lot and pretend you never heard of the second one.

FindingHeart said...

See?! This is what I hate about the internet. I let one damn picture out and now I find my backside on websites! ROFL!!!