Sunday, February 18, 2007

We're gonna party like it's, 2007!

Yes, that's right...we had ANOTHER birthday party for Aaron, this one with his friends at "The Fun House". And baby, it WAS fun!

Here's the birthday boy, ready to go!

The "CARS" theme birthday cake!

The gang's all here and ready for pizza!!!

Part of the "party package" was getting to paint your handprint on the wall, along with your name! Cool!

Spinning the prize wheel (for the birthday boy).....he won 1000 tickets! Yay!

A visit from Buddy the dog, with some of his friends.

Honestly, I will admit, as I get older, these kind of kid parties are less and less fun and more and more a chore. But I did it for his older siblings, cheerfully in fact, and I will do it for him. He had a great time, and it wasn't that expensive. It's worth the effort, really.

And now, at last, the birthday is OVER, at least for him. Next month we have Joseph's 17th birthday AND Rachael's confirmation. But teen birthdays are MUCH easier on the parent: give him money to take him and his friends to the movies, and to the coffee shop afterwards, come back and pick him up at midnight. Done.

That's all for a sleepy Sunday.


Jay said...

Man, I'd like to do all that stuff on MY birthday! LOL

RWA said...

My nephew would love a place that let's you put your handprints on the wall.

Steven Novak said...




Fleur de Lisa said...

Oh yeah, those kiddie parties can be a bit of a headache...but the kids love them! You're a good mom :-)

sunShine said...

So glad that his birthday party was fun. Yes they are a lot of work, but well worth it.