Thursday, January 04, 2007

Proceed with Caution.

Just be forewarned: this is a rant. I make no apologies for it. I'm tired.

In no particular order:

1. I don't think I mentioned it but my assistant "retired" at the break, and we hired a new assistant for my room. A friend of mine, Regina. We worked together last year, and we get along pretty well. But in the 2 days we've been back with students, I've come to realize how much I relied on my former assistant. It's not that Regina isn't doing a good job, she is. But she doesn't know where everything is, or how to fix the computer. And one of my students "doesn't like her" (translation: doesn't know her yet) and so acts up for her every time I am away from the group. Which in the last two days, unfortunately, has been frequently, due to placement meetings. I don't feel as confident leaving the room for a quickie bathroom break. Yesterday I didn't go from 8-12, which is a long time when you've had a large coffee!

2. I got a new student yesterday, and another one will start on Monday. Matthew is a doll and seems to be on the "easy" side of BD, if there is such a thing. Moses (yes, that's his real name) - the one who doesn't start until Monday - is a "runner". Meaning he tries to run from the classroom and if possible, from the building. Great. New tennies for me. Okay, I know I'm crabby. But sheesh! Couldn't I have just a tiny breather?

3. My boyfriend's ex-wife is a bitch. I'm sorry, but there's no other word for her. My boyfriend's youngest daughter, A., is having her birthday this weekend. First, Baron asked her, could I come with him to the birthday party? Answer: Nope. I'm not a nice person, she says, and not welcome. Okay, then he asks, "When would be a good time for J. and Aaron to stop by with a gift for A.?" Answer: Never. We can't even stop by at any time with a gift, even though A. and my son Aaron are good friends, and Aaron would very much like to give A. a gift. Bitch. She's a bitch. The shit she writes about him is ridiculous, and now because I haven't jumped through all her hoops, I'm not good enough to give her daughter a present. Whatever. I'm sending it with Baron when he goes to the birthday party.

4. I miss my boyfriend. Because of the aforementioned bitch and her greed, Baron is working tons of overtime to attempt to get out from under. I haven't seen him since Monday morning and the only time I will get to see him is Friday night. He will work most of Saturday (before AND after the birthday party) and Sunday. Then the work week starts all over. (deep sigh) I understand and support his decision to work as much as he can, but it sucks. Truly.

5. Related to #4, our 1 year dating anniversary is January 10, Wednesday. A year ago on that day, we met for a blind dinner date at Applebee's. I still remember smiling at him across the table and taking his hand. And a couple of great kisses in the parking lot. At least THAT memory brings a smile to my face. I was hoping for something romantic to happen around this time, but, alas, I don't think one of us is ready. Oh well, only 41 days until Valentine's Day....(hopeful smile) I can write about my hopes for the possibilities here because he's been so busy lately he probably won't even read this far.

Okay, I'm done being a grump. No "Half-Naked Thursday" this week. I promise I'll get back with the program by next week.

Have a good weekend, y'all.


FindingHeart said...

(adding to your rant: I'm so tired of Gooblogger not keeping me signed in! ARgh!)

Okay, to find some positive in there for ya. As a teacher of Special Needs children, you usually (often) have forewarning of kids coming in. Regular ed teachers always get that 'SURPRISE!' kid and always on the worst days. So, the positive is that you get to mentally prepare somewhat for the new kids beforehand. :)

Here's to hoping the family stuff smooths our soon. That stress does nobody any good. Peace, sister.

captain corky said...

My wedding anniversary is Jan 10th. We have so much in common J! Colonel Potter went through the same thing your going through when Raider went back home and Klinger had to take over as the company clerk. Give it some time, things will work out with your new assistant. Have a good weekend!

sunShine said...

I hope you have a nice peaceful, relaxing weekend. Good luck on Monday with your new student.

RWA said...

How do you REALLY feel about your boyfriend's ex-wife?

Just kidding.

Remember that people like that get theirs sooner or later.

Yorksdevil said...

Happy New Year. Nothing wrong with a good rant, far better than to hold in all that tension. Here's hoping the kids at school quickly settle in with your new assisstant.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Finding Heart - You're right about the (somewhat) advanced notice, but I frequently get new students with only the barest of information on their particular needs. This week would be a good example: here comes M, my new boy, with "toileting issues" and I know nothing else about him. Flying blind until his placement meeting that afternoon.
As for the family issues, I'm trying, I really am. One of my New Year's resolutions was to not let her get to me. I've failed already.

Corky - Yay! Happy Anniversary. I know what you're saying about my assistant. It has just added to the stress of this week, that's all.

Sunshine - Thanks, hon. So far it HAS been a very relaxing weekend.

RWA - I rarely let loose on someone like that, outside my own thoughts. But when it comes to her......aarrgh!

York - Thanks. I DID feel better after.