Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Day with Aaron.....

Yesterday I spent the day with my boy.

First, he had to run a couple of errands with me: the bank, the cell phone place to pay the bill, and the cable company, same reason. He was very patient, although he did say "I thought this would be a lot faster! (hint, hint)

First stop, The Louisville Science Center. He loves to go there. They have a section called Kid Zone, which is the world's greatest hands-on play area. He spent a lot of time in the water play area, and the construction area. Then we went upstairs to the other exhibits, and the highlight - he spent his own money in the gift shop, buying several "valuable" objects ( a yo-yo, a slinky, a light-up ice cube).

Next stop, Subway for lunch. He loves to eat out, but since he has a weight problem, I prefer places like Subway. We had an interesting lunch, and conversation, which included his delight in making a "Suicide" at the soft drink fountain, a trick he learned from his older brothers and sister. A "Suicide" is where you put a little of all the different drinks in one cup. It's gross, but the kids like it.

As we left, I got the bright idea we should go see a movie. I thought he would like "Charlotte's Web", and he was very excited about it. Little kids always have more fun with other little kids, so I called my sister's house to invite my nephew Will to join us. Will is almost exactly a year younger than Aaron. It turned out to be a great suggestion, because my sister was working so my brother-in-law Joe was home on a dreary rainy day with Will and the baby, and Will was restless.

So we drove out to Greenville to pick up Will and then went to see "Charlotte's Web", which was very good. Julia Roberts was the voice of Charlotte, and she was better than I expected. The other characters were great, too: Oprah Winfrey as the goose, John Cleese as the head sheep. I don't know who played the rat, but he was very funny. Anyway, the boys had popcorn, skittles, and Coke, and they loved the movie. We only had to make one trip each to the bathroom.

Next stop, The Spaghetti Shop. Both boys love spaghetti, and it is a very reasonable place to eat. The most exciting parts: getting a purple sucker with their kids' spaghetti plates, and Aaron showing Will how to make a "Suicide". My sister is going to kill me! (laugh)

Final stop, Will's house. I stayed to talk to Joe for awhile, but mostly to play with the baby. He is so cute on the floor, scooting and pulling up. Aaron headed to the basement with Will, to play in Will's version of "Toys R Us".

Finally we headed home. Aaron agreed with me that it HAD been a great day, and would have been "perfect" if only we had managed a stop at the park. (rueful smile)

So, that was my day with my boy. He is the cause of my gray hair, and yet the light of my life! Life with Aaron is never boring. I love him!


PS. His birthday is in 31 days - on Valentine's Day! And he will be 7!

PPS. He has been playing with my digital camera, taking some wild pictures! Stay tuned for a photo essay by Aaron!


RWA said...

Now that sounds like a great day. I'm glad y'all had a good time.

The Princess said...

Sounds like fun....makes me want to be 6 (almost 7) again!!