Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

Okay, the title was just the teaser....we'll get to that stuff in a minute. First off, today was a totally awful day. I got hit in the back with a CHAIR (yes, a chair) and my newest boy threatened to kill one of his classmates. On his second day. Guess the honeymoon is over with that one,eh?

Second, I had a confrontation with a coworker. She has a lot more pull with my principal and outranks me. I'm probably fired. I really respect her input, but she is driving me crazy. Really.

Third, I called my boyfriend to rant and he's sick. Not his fault. But I really need to bitch out loud to someone over the age of 18. I just need an adult's undivided attention for 10 MINUTES!!! PLEASE!

Fourth, it's only 28 days until Valentine's Day. I would totally loathe Valentine's Day if it weren't my youngest son's birthday. As it is, I barely tolerate it. Why do you have such a problem, Hoosier Girl, you ask? You're such a romantic, you love all that gooshy stuff....you should revel in this holiday. Why? Why?! (voice rising)
Because, except for last year, when I got a dozen long-stemmed pink roses from Baron, delivered to school, Valentine's Day always hurts. All those mushy, lovey-dovey jewelry commercials on the radio ("You love her so...so she must knoooooow....") just remind me that my first husband NEVER did anything romantic for me on Valentine's Day, my second husband and I only celebrated ONE Valentine's Day together and then everything fell apart.....and I have NEVER gotten jewelry, or any of the traditional romantic items on that day. Last year's roses were a notable exception. I refuse to comment on this coming year.

Okay, I'm done. Now here are a couple of silly quizzes to make up for another rant:

First up, "Are You Addicted to the Internet?"

You Are 65% Addicted to the Internet

In your opinion, life without the internet is hardly worth living.
Could be, but you probably need a bit more fresh air and sunshine to think clearly.

I'm really surprised to find out I'm not more addicted than I am.

Second, "Do You Have a Dirty Mind?":

Your Mind is PG-13 Rated

Your mind is definitely a little dirty. You're naughty, but not trashy.
You don't shy away from a dirty joke, and you're clearly not a prude.

Anyone who knows me is probably laughing out loud at this result for me. I am SO much worse than PG-13. But then again, I put on a good facade. (grin)

Happy Hump Day!


captain corky said...

Hope you have a better day tomorrow. I always appreciate your banners. I'm very excited for Valentine's day this year because that's the day we find out the sex of our baby.

Jay said...

Ok, so I have an NC-17 mind. Not a surprise there.

Valentines day sucks. Just another stupid made-up Hallmark holiday.

Yorksdevil said...

What does NC-17 mean? Am I bad?

RWA said...

OK, you had a really rough time at work. That isn't good. I'm sure it will get better.

Hit in the back with a chair? I have a friend who works in a job similar to yours here. She always has some sort of bruise or scratch or something. I don't see how y'all have the patience to work in a job like that - but I respect it.

Hope you have a better day today.

Tense Teacher said...

Valentines Sucks. For a more thorough explanation as to why I think this, check out my last year's Valentine's post at http://tenseteacher.net/2006/02/13/the-valentines-curse/

FindingHeart said...

Yup, reason #137 of Why I'm Not Missing the Classroom: Flying furniture. X still deals with that, but I was able to avoid FF during my years. Hope it gets better soon!

I think I will actually take these tests! I can already guess what it should end up. Ha!

Peace sister.

sunShine said...

Hope the rest of your week was better. I hate Valentines Day too.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I would have put you at a rating of at least NC-17!


mjd said...

I am visiting from Jay. I hopped over to visit a fellow Hooiser, and I find the fun surveys.

I teach school as well. I am sorry about your bad day at the office. I love Valentine's Day, but mostly because that is my son's birthday too. The romantic stuff seems like a Hallmark holiday. Anyway, I hope that the rest of your days in 2007 are great.

eatmisery said...

How'd did the rest of your week go after that incident? It's been a while since you posted and I was just wondering how you're doing.

I hope all is well.

KaraMia said...

I hate it too. I never have a serious relationship at that time it seems..lol. and the few times i've been in one...very disapointing. I'm not looking forward to it all..ugh.
oh..i've had you on my blogroll for several months now..silly, cant believe you didnt notice