Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Mouse-Free New Year!

There was a mouse in my bedroom this morning. My cat, Butterball, caught it and PUT IT ON MY BED!

While I was still IN IT!!!!

It gets better - the mouse wasn't dead. It crawled around on my sheets and comforter.

Even my pillows. Ick.

Where was I ? In the dining room, screaming for my daughter to come and get it. Completely grossed out.

And, the idiot cat, who loves to KILL mice, decided to play with this one and it got away. It is still alive, somewhere under my bed. I am so buying some mouse poison TODAY.

Okay, enough about my morning trauma.
My New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Lose weight, specifically get on a diet. Probably Weight Watchers.
  2. Exercise more often. Join a gym.
  3. Make an appointment with a financial counselor. Get my finances in order.
  4. Clean out the basement. (This is a biggie)
  5. Clean out the garage. (Another biggie)
  6. Dr.'s visit for me for a number of issues.
  7. Read with Aaron daily.
  8. Work on the boys' room and the playroom for more organized space.
  9. Infuse my daily life with more positive energy and people. Stay away from negative people and thoughts.
  10. Show the people I love how much I love them as much as possible.

Happy New Year! Happy 2007!!!



eatmisery said...

I hope your 2007 is a wonderful one! Happy New Year!

FindingHeart said...

Had an outdoor cat in the country once. She decided to leave a squirrel at our back door. Um, not nice, even before we unknowingly opened the door and half went under. Couldn't shut the door without, uh, helping it out. Yuck!

So, before I lose my head also, I wish a glorious new year for you and your family. Enjoy the wonderful possibilities.

KaraMia said...

OMG I would have freaked!