Friday, December 15, 2006

10 Days until Christmas.....Help!

It is almost 1 AM and I just finished wrapping all the gifts to my students, my assistant, my principal (my big boss) and the counselor (my immediate boss), and some teacher friends. I am pretty much done with the kids. I have an inside tip on a Nintendo Wii at Target, which is all Daniel wants. I have found several good gifts for Baron. I could probably list them here, because he's been too busy lately to read my blog, and when he does he skims it. He completely missed the emo post of a few days back, and he skimmed right over the part in the Christmas meme about the Christmas present I always wanted but never got. (Sigh) Oh well. Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with what I've gotten everyone.
Here's my favorite part of my favorite Christmas movie:

What is Christmas all about?

THIS is what Christmas is really about.
Remember this during the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually trying to forget it's a holiday season!

sunShine said...

I LOVE LINUS! The babe has a blue blanket that is his blankie and he takes it everywhere, he is my little Linus. It is easy to get caught up in all the trappings of Christmas and forget what it is all about.

Anonymous said...

Why do you people start so early? Again, I do it ALL on Christmas Eve!!!!