Friday, November 10, 2006

Life is a Highway.....

"....I'm gonna ride it all night long!"

I LOVE this movie!

I pre-ordered "CARS" way back and it finally came in!! I took it to school and let my students watch the first half for "Fun Friday". They get to see the second half next Friday (we only watch a video on Friday afternoon). The kids and I are going to watch it tonight, with popcorn! I can't wait to see Mater and Lightning McQueen tipping tractors again!

As for all the "Half Naked" fun, I guess I'm going to have to post pics of my backside every week....I got 15 comments on that post! Gee! I'm going to get Baron to help take something interesting for next week. Although, I have to say, the BEST part of Half-Naked Thursday was the picture of Redneck Nerdboy. If he weren't married and I wasn't in love with Baron and he didn't live about 3000 miles away and I wasn't older than he is and he didn't like icky beer and.......well, I think you know where I'm going with this....let's just leave it at "What a hunk!"

In other news, I got a new student today. He's an adorable little 6 yr. old kindergartner, with a lot of problems and a sad family history. He was taken away from his natural parents when his mother abandoned his baby sister in a parking lot 2 years ago. He lives with his grandparents now, but recently his mother has been granted supervised visitation. He had a good day today, but of course we're in the "honeymoon" period. The transition was more difficult for my 2 other boys than it was for him. What a Friday!

Good news here - Rachael got her I-Pod Nano yesterday. She already has almost 300 songs on it. It holds 1000. She got it in pale blue and she absolutely loves it! She's so cute, walking around the house, oblivious to the rest of us...wait, she was like that before the I-Pod!

Things are good with Baron. We've had a couple of good evenings together this week and lots of good talks. I love talking to him. He has to work tonight, but we have a date for tomorrow night!

That's about it for this Friday!


Lori said...

My son and I just watched Cars the other night we LOVED it.

Anonymous said...

You are so good to your students. They are lucky to have a caring teacher like you. Glad to be with you. You are a jewel.

The Blue Baron

Yorksdevil said...

When I bought my mp3 player it was worringly easy to fill the memory.

Contrary said...

Cars was the first movie my little one got to go see in the theater and he LOVED it. It was very difficult getting him into the car at the end of the evening, because he wanted to stay and watch it again and again.

Now, he turns 4 in a few days and guess what Mama has hiding in her closet? That's right, baby. We'll be tippin' us some tractors any day now!

(If it's possible, I love that movie as much as he does)

captain corky said...

I've never seen that movie but my parents who are in their 60's went to see it when it came out and my mother loved it. I enjoyed reading your post.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I haven't seen CARS yet dammit! I need to... now.

I'm a hunk??? *BLUSH FURIOUSLY* Dang girl, you make me go red all over! Thank you for such kind props! You make me feel good! But I told everyone in the post before that I wasn't holding back any longer and my blog wasn't gonna be the Disney/PG rated blog it used to be! Love you honey!


HoosierGirl5 said...

Lori, Contrary, and Captain Corky...Thanks for stopping by. I am making new friends every day.

York...She is filling it more and more every day. And there are only about 3 songs on it that I like! (sigh) ARE a hunk. I would like to see you "red all over"! (wink)

Baron...Thanks, sweetie, for the kind words. You know I try.


Anonymous said...

I have not had the pleasure of seeing Cars yet either, but I do have to buy it for my girlfriends daughter, so I will get to watch it 3 times a day in the very near future.