Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Feet Review...and more!

I took 2 of my sons to see the movie "Happy Feet" the other night. It was great! The music was amazing, and the tap dancing was good, even for animated penguins. The "mexican" penguins (with Robin Williams as their leader) were hysterical. And although I have read some reviews that criticize the movie for trying to impart a political message, I thought the moral of "Don't be afraid to try to make a difference in the world" was a good one. I highly recommend it.

I have added some new names to my blogroll, finally. There's Island Girl, who I linked to through "Finding Heart". There's Dazed, who is a fellow Hoosier. Of course, there's my new buddy Mia, who has dazzled the world on "Half Naked Thursdays". Her blog is called "Fairy Tales". From Tense Teacher's comment threads, I have linked to "Naughty Voyeur". I don't know how Birdman and Corky found me, but they have left great comments on my posts. Check them out at "The Birdman33" and "Corky's Log". And from Redneck Nerdboy's many followers, I have linked to Shora and to Nerdboy's "The_____,but______wife".
Check them out!

Aaron and I had a very good time at Baron's brother's house for early Thanksgiving yesterday. The food was good, the company was fun, and Baron's girls were great to be with, as usual. Baron's brother is so nice, and it was great to meet his sister-in-law and his oldest niece. All good people.

Have a great Monday everyone!


captain corky said...

Thanks for link J, I added your link to the Birdman's blog and mine as well. I'm not sure how we found you but it probably has something to do with Steven Novak.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was thinking about taking my nephew to see this on Friday - but I'm not into children's movies that decide to take on political messages.

Thanks for the warning.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Who loves ya baby?

Nerdboy of the Redneck Clan, that's who!

Keep it real.

sunShine said...

Glad that you had a good time at the brothers house. I want to go see the movie, but I don't think the babe can be still that long!

KaraMia said...

I so want to see that movie! I love Robin Williams in this kind of thing, he's always funny.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd say hi as I'm trying to visit and comment on as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can. :)

Anything with Robin Williams usually turns out hilarious (when that is the intention, because he is ovbiously good when it comes to dramatic roles as well). :)

Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for the add. I had my team (cough)Corky(cough) add you to mine as well!
I want to see HappY Feet! I'm glad you liked it. It looks cuter than a bunch of the animated stuff that has come out lately.

Tense Teacher said...

I so want to see Happy Feet, but there is no way my Littleone can be still for over 2 hours. She couldn't even make it through Cars, and I was the one who suffered for that one, because I loved the movie.