Saturday, November 18, 2006

Follow-up to "Half-Naked" Thursday....

"Toot-toot-tootsie goodbye!"

In a hilarious sidenote to all the foot pictures: my 6 year old wandered into the bedroom the other night around 8:00, where Baron and I were taking all my sexy foot shots.
Aaron - "What are you doing?"
Me - "Taking silly pictures."
Aaron - "I want to do it, too"
Me - "Well, Baron can take your picture if you want him to."
Aaron - "Not my face, my feet! Like you, Mom."
Me - "Okay....." (laughing behind my hand)

So, here you go, Redneck Nerdboy. Hopefully NOT a fantasy or a fetish of yours (or anyone's!), but definitely a cause for a smile: chubby six year old toes!

In other news, Baron and I went shoe shopping last night. His birthday is coming up, so I treated him to a new pair of black tennis shoes. I wanted to spend more, he wanted to spend less, we compromised somewhere in the middle. The shoes look great. We stopped by my favorite coffee shop afterwards, where an acoustic guitar player was supposed to be performing. Well, he was, but he had no microphone, it was overcrowded, and clearly Baron and I need to find a coffee shop for Friday nights that caters older crowd. Most of the people there were under 30.(sigh) Maybe in the yuppy part of Louisville.....

My Christmas shopping has been stalled by a couple of weeks, because the promised "extra Saturday teaching" pay was delayed by one paycheck. I was disappointed. My Christmas list is fairly simple: Joseph wants money (typical for a 16 yr.old boy), Rachael wants money and/or a DanceDance Revolution game for Gamecube, Daniel wants a Nintendo Wii, which he will need to pool all his holiday gifts(money) to get, which leaves only Aaron, who wants everything! Basically, I only need to "shop" for Aaron.

And then, of course, there are my nephews, Baron's girls, my students, my parents, and Baron. What to get Baron, and how much to spend is a whole separate topic. What I want for Christmas is complicated. I have my "fantasy" list, and my realistic list. Why do I always expect this magical, romantic, amazing surprise type Christmas? That has never happened! Maybe that's why I keep hoping for it. (sigh)

Aaron and I are headed to see "Happy Feet" tonight. I will be sure to give you a review. Have a great Saturday!


Anonymous said...

For your own sanity, I say no to Dance Dance Revolution OR make her stocking stuffer a pair of headphones that acompany the game!

captain corky said...

I noticed that my name was not on your list. Am on the naughty list this year?

By the way, I really appreciate your Christmas counter, only 35 and half days until I do my shopping.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

No. Certainly no attraction there! Thanks though! Funny followup! Haha!

Yeah, we've got a ton of people we have to shop for. I try to buy things throughout the year, storing them until Christmas time. Oh well.


FindingHeart said...

Ha! Guess it's only appropriate that ya'll went to see Happy Feet. I love irony.

I am dreading Christmas shopping this year. Glad to see someone actually has a plan for it. :)

sunShine said...

Those are the sweetest little chubby feet!