Friday, November 03, 2006

The Dating Game.....

Okay, I totally stole this from Redneck Nerdboy. It's "The Dating Game" questions....he answered them with his online cohort, "The Professor". Check out their answers. She actually attempted to answer them...Nerdboy put his own spin, as usual, on things. I am going to answer these for my S.O. - the Baron. Hopefully, I will be able to persuade him to pop on later and let you all know how I did:

How does he/she take his/hers coffee?
He takes it straight, with a little milk.

2) Is he/she a morning person or a night person?
Ha! The man is NOT a morning person. Definitely a night owl.

3) What kind of car does he/she drive?
White minivan. Good for hauling ladders, phone equipment, and his girls.

4) Does he/she adhere to the speed limit?
Sometimes. Definitely not in the mountains of West Virginia.

5) How long does he/she take in the shower?
Showers are quick and to the point. He prefers baths.

6) What is his/her favorite food...favorite drink?
Favorite foods - grilled chicken,Little Caesar's Pizza, mushroom and swiss from Rally's, and Quizno's. Favorite drinks - Diet Big K (ha, ha!), occasionally beer, and every morning- coffee!

7) What kind of soap does he/she use?
Plain ol' bar soap, as far as I know.

8) What kind of shampoo?
Suave. Whatever is on sale.

9) What would he/she say is the thing the he/she likes the most about you?
I'm going to go naughty-and-nice on this one: Naughty - my hooters.

Nice - my smile.

10) What would he/she say is the thing that annoys her/him most about you?
My alarm clock. My way of getting off the phone when he's on the computer.

11) If you guys really met in person the first time, how would you have met?
We met for the first time, face-to-face, on January 10. But we had been talking online and on the phone since December.

12) If you guys really dated...tell me about your first date with each other?
Our first date was dinner at Applebee's. About halfway through dinner, I took his hand and smiled at him, and he gave me a dazzling smile back. It was a break-through moment. We kissed in the parking lot!

13) Where does he/she hides his/her stash ...and what kind of stash is it?
Um, if he had a stash, it would be in his top dresser drawer. But there is no stash, that I know of. I think. (grin)

14) Is he/she a saver or a spender?
Saver. With a capital "S".

15) What would he/she do with a $10,000?
Probably pay off the wicked witch, and use the rest for the girls' Christmas. Very practical guy. Maybe buy something for me? (she writes hopefully...) Nah!

16) What is the one possession of his/hers that you absolutely detest but he/she would kill you if you threw it away?
Everything in the top dresser drawer. Everything.

17) Who wears the pants in the house?
He does. Until I get them off him....(grin)

18) What is his/her ultimate weakness?
Hotwheels, Quiznos, and a nice rack. See picture above.

19) How would he/she describe you?
He would describe me as "his girl", pretty, sexy, and a good mom.

20) How will you spend the holidays (if you were spending it together as a married couple)?
Um, I'm not allowed to mention the "m" word, so no hypothesizing in that department...but we are spending some time together this holiday season with all our kids.

Have a good weekend, all!


Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Hahaha! Excellent! I didn't think anyone would try it for themselves!

Your hooters are priceless ladyfriend, and so's the shirt!


Anonymous said...

OK, you've got me down pretty good. Just about everything mentioned is right on the money.
Now come over, let me get my camera out of the top drawer. More t-shirt pictures.

The Blue Baron

Kristi said...

Good idea for a meme. I think I'll try this one!

Anonymous said...

Interesting answers.

Now we need to see how many of them were right!