Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In Memory.

In memory of John Christopher Gatz...
Born April 24, 1990. Died October 14, 2006.

"John was a lamp that gave off brilliant light. For a time you enjoyed the pleasure of his light." John 5:35.

I attended John's funeral mass today with my son Joseph, my daughter Rachael, and about approximately 600 students, teachers, and friends. My son sang with the Providence Singers. My daughter sat with her friends. I sat with some of the other parents near the choir.

It was very sad, especially his poor mother, but the sermon was very good. And his older sister spoke at the end. Lots of tears and hugs all around.

I was especially gratified to see all the young men and women from the high school. Every single boy without exception, was in a suit and tie. Every girl was dressed up, and modestly. And every single one of them went to communion. After mass, before the hearse pulled away, they all stood outside silently and respectfully, until it was gone. I am extremely proud to have my children be a part of this Catholic high school community.

May he rest in eternal life, and may peace someday come to his family.


eatmisery said...

I'm very sorry about your son's friend. I hope the school is providing counseling for those affected by this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

There aren't really the words. Too sad.

sunShine said...

This is such a tragedy.

The Princess said...

I have goosebumps...this is so sad.