Saturday, August 05, 2006

Spring, at the end of the summer....

Clean, clean, clean. This weekend, we are going to clean as if company is coming. That's right, it's the "back to school" clean up. You know how pregnant women feel the urge to nest, right before the baby comes? Well, I get the same type feeling right before school starts. We've gotten lazy around here. I don't have to be as orgnanized or straight as I have to be during the school year because, well, obviously I'm not working. Haven't worked a school day since May. Lots of trainings, but not a work day. The realities of life are about to be upon us. Particularly me.

So, here's what I propose for this weekend:

* Clean the bathroom thoroughly. Not just the usual once-a-week clean. Superclean.

* Catch up on ALL the laundry.

* Put all school uniforms and related items in drawers. New socks, undies, etc.

* Vacuum and dust everything.

* Clean off dining room table and breakfast bar and update school supplies needed for doing homework.

I have given everyone notice. They have one more hour of "veg-out saturday" and then the work begins. We will pause for meals and liquid refreshment, and tonight's pool party. Then tomorrow after church and lunch.....more of the same. By Sunday evening, the list will be complete.

This blog has been needing some uplifting and I am hereby lifting it up, and cleaning underneath it. I will let you know tomorrow night how we did. Coming next week - getting organized in the kitchen.


eatmisery said...

I missed reading your blogs while I was on vacation. I'm catching up right now!

MJ Norton said...

We had a bit of this this weekend, but not an all-out effort. Other matters have gotten in the way. Still, it's part of the aim for the coming week.

School doesn't start around here until, I believe, September. My younger son has an orientation (as a freshman in high school) on the 31st of August, but that's the only schooltime here for the month.