Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lessons learned from the deli......

Well, school is officially out. I have to go over tomorrow and finish up some stuff, and then Wednesday and Thursday I have to do some PAID (yahoo!) professional development, but technically....yeah....I'm OUT! So, lucky me, I have been working more at the deli. I thought I would share with you some of the wisdom that has come to me through this experience:

  • The "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" definitely applies to both customers and employees. A smile goes a LONG way. So does a little patience. On BOTH sides of the counter.
  • Belly shirts only look good on skinny, beautiful 20-something women. They do NOT look good on older women or fat women. Really.
  • Dressing like a biker dude or biker chick at 50 (or worse, OVER 50!) is NOT cool. Neither is coming in half-naked if you don't have the body for it. It's a grocery store, people, not a bar.
  • A little soap and water works wonders. Everyone knows that kids get dirty, but please - if you're going to take your kids out in public, clean 'em up first.
  • There are a lot of genuinely nice people. Serving THOSE people make my job fun.
  • The free cookies from the bakery are for kids. Under 12 (hint, hint to the adults who try to bum one).
  • There are a lot of poor people in this world. I would rather wait on the not-so-nice-looking man who wants $3 worth of good ham than the obnoxious New Yorker who orders $100 worth of meats and cheeses.
  • The world is much bigger than working in a deli for $7 an hour. It's sad that some of my co-workers don't see that. I'm glad I do. It would be so scary that was all there was to my life.
  • Please, please, please read a book once in awhile. Not just a People magazine. Or just watch tv or movies. Challenge your brain a little once in awhile.

Just my opinions, of course. I'm in a bit of a weird mood these days, so I hope I don't come across as too negative. Have a good week, folks.



Blondefabulous said...

AMEN SISTER! To all of that!

Sayre said...

It's amazing how much you can see from the other side of the counter, isn't it????

Glad school is out. I hope you feel less frazzled soon!

Brother Dave said...

Great points, all.

Jodi said...

Blondefabulous - Thank you, girlfriend. Thank you.

Sayre - So far, so good.

Brother Dave - I know, I'm smart that way. (grin)


Trukindog said...

Free cookies are free cookies and they are not just for kids although adults should restrain themselves to ONE cookie. That's how I sees that!