Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 on Tuesday

This week's topic: 10 Things that Make You Feel Old!

  1. Having a son in college. ( or just being old enough to have a son in college!)

  2. Flecks of gray in my hair. (hate 'em)

  3. Needing to wear reading glasses. (hate them, too)

  4. One of my former kindergarten students TEACHING first grade at my son's school.

  5. Actually saying my age out loud.

  6. Seeing TV shows from my childhood in the "Classics" section.

  7. Realizing it has been almost 25 years since I graduated from college (and even longer than that since high school).

  8. Having anyone call me "Ma'm".

  9. Not having the slightest interest in staying up very late, or going out late.

  10. The cute clothes I see in stores that I'm too old to wear.

What makes YOU feel old?



Tookie Tail said...

Ohhhhh I can relate to these, for sure! And i have MANY years on you!! LOL I think I'll do this one too!

Sayre said...

Arthritis. Back in my 20's I had lupus and the arthritis was horrible. I could barely move. Then I went into remission and things have been much better. Nowadays, it comes and goes and when it comes, it reminds me of the bad, bad old days. I do what I can to keep it at bay, but the mere fact of having to WORK at staying healthy rather than just being healthy makes me feel old.

Just Dave said...

Having the hottie at the restaurant call me sir. Talking about the moon landing with my grandson's girlfriend and having her comment, "Wow, that was before I was born."

Brother Dave said...

I enjoy my 'age'. I am always proud when telling others I am 68 years young.

I have seen the advent of television. Word processing with a computer never happened when I was in high school. Nor did I then ever envision it.

The regret I have at my age is that I shall not be around in fifty years to enjoy the modern technologies of that time.

Of course, the world may end in 2012, and I may get to experience it.

e.Craig Crawford said...

Only 10? That's just a good start. ;-)

Poppy said...

My grey hair isn't even grey, it's WHITE.