Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 on Tuesday

Once again, I am rebelling against the mainstream and doing my own "10 on Tuesday" topic. I know, I know....what a maverick (ooh, I was channeling Sarah Palin there for a minute!)


  1. Drove Daniel to driver's ed. class and Joseph to his summer class at IUS.
  2. Went to work and bagged bread, made coffee cakes, and a ton of banana pudding.
  3. Bought two chairs for the porch at 75% off.
  4. Took a 20 minute catnap.(not at work...ha, ha....after I came home)
  5. Made dinner - delicious homemade mac and cheese with chicken.
  6. Let Daniel drive home from football practice and drive around town for about 30 minutes to practice.
  7. Picked up Joseph and Rachael from play practice and then let them take the car to go see the midnight showing of "Harry Potter"
  8. Read a book with Aaron.
  9. Talked to Steven about 6 times.
  10. Did laundry.

I know, sounds exciting, doesn't it? That's my day.



Jay said...

I think that I'm going to have to go see the new Harry Potter next week. I don't know if I can wait until it comes out on DVD.

Hoosier Girl said...

Jay - I want to see it, too. The only problem is: I don't think the boys want to see it, and the teenagers saw it last night! And there's no way Steven will go see it. You wanna go with me? I'll buy the popcorn!


Sushiboy said...

I thought about trying to catch a show while SW and the kids were gone. But I am pretty sure that SWoman wants to see it. So I'll probably catch it with her next week sometime.